Vacation Travel

Vacation Travel

Let Marjet take you to the Grand Canyon. We will land at the Grand Canyon Airport and then arrange for a helicopter tour—the best way to see the canyon. After you have seen one of the wonders of the world we can bring you back home—no need for a hotel or a torturous drive—Marjet makes it a fun day trip.

Grand Canyon not your style? Las Vegas is waiting for you. Marjet will fly you to Las Vegas, and have a limo waiting if you like. Go for a day, a night or a week. Marjet fits your schedule.

Of course Marjet is not limited to Grand Canyon or Las Vegas. Marjet can take you to almost any location—Marjet can make your travel dreams come true. If you like we can take you to Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, the Bay Area, San Diego, Snow Bowl, Santa Fe, Sedona…there is almost no limit.

Want to play golf? You can play courses in multiple states. Just pick all the courses you always wanted to play and let us arrange a dream golf tour for you.

Private Charters

No matter where you are flying to Marjet offers clients what they want most – security, safety, flexibility, reliability and privacy.

You’ll board our aircraft on your own schedule with a private flight crew to whisk you off to your chosen destination for an important meeting, trade event or vacation travel.

You won’t have to deal with crowded airports, lost luggage, missed flights or the security issues that today’s air travel brings.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the first class accommodations provided by our Company.

About our Aircraft

  • Aircraft TypeBeechcraft King Air E90
  • Flight DurationVaries
  • Short Notice AvailabilityVaries depending on destination
  • Guest Capacity9 Max


  • Air Conditioning
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Meals Available
  • Pets Allowed
  • Private Limousine
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