Q. What kind of aircraft do you use?

A. We use a Beechcraft King Air E90. It is a quiet, comfortable, turbo-prop which has a great reputation for safety and reliability in the aviation industry.

Q. Is your aircraft pressurized?
A. Yes it is. It is not only pressurized, it is air-conditioned and it has rotating polarized windows to cut out annoying glare from the sun. No airline has this feature.

Q. Can we take a pet?
A. Of course you can. For safety reasons the pet must be in a suitable size and type cage or crate. Your pet will be in the cabin with you, riding in pressurized, air-conditioned comfort.

Q. Can we drink alcoholic beverage aboard the aircraft?
A. Of course. We want you to enjoy your flight. We want you to feel at home on your flight. However, remember safety is always our first concern.

Q. Is catering available?
A. Catering is available with advance notice.

Q. Can you carry freight?
A. Yes we can carry freight. In fact, we are approved by the FAA to carry hazardous materials on non-passenger flights.

Q. How many passengers does your aircraft accommodate?
A. We can carry up to 9 passengers. However, when carrying 9 passengers there is not much room for baggage and passenger comfort is decreased. If you have a large group and are not taking much baggage this may work for you on relatively short flights.

Q. Can I be picked up by a large limousine?
A. Of course you can. There is an additional charge and we need prior notice.